Monday, 24 March 2014

Studio J Layouts

I'm so glad that Studio J layouts are on sale this month.  I really needed to get caught up on some of my scrapbook layouts.  I just haven't had a lot of time lately and when I do I've been busy making home décor items.  I don't have a lot of experience in Studio J but it really is super easy to use and a lot of fun.  Below are the layouts that I created.

I love that I can use paper packs that I didn't purchase when they were available in the Idea Book. 

Studio J is a great chance to create layouts that I might not make with paper because of them being a little complex.

It's also great that I can leave parts of the layout blank so that I can add embellishments later. 

For the Magic layout I have a vellum square that I'm going to add.

I can quickly make two or even three layouts the same for all of our books by just copying them and changing out the focal pictures and text.

There are so many new options with Studio J.  You can choose the new Express Collections or custom create your own layout.

There are lots of video tutorials also to help you out.  It's not too late, go to Studio J now and see for yourself how much fun it is.

Thanks for looking and I'd love to hear what you think about Studio J.

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